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Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies in 2023

26 Apr 2023

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework created by Google. It allows developers to build high-performance, visually attractive, and natively compiled applications for both iOS and Android platforms from a single codebase. Flutter uses a programming language called Dart, which is easy to learn and allows for rapid development.

Why is Flutter so popular?

Flutter has become a popular technology for mobile app development due to its unique features and benefits:

  1. Flutter offers a hot reload feature, allowing developers to change their code and see the results in real time without restarting the app. This feature saves time and makes the development process more efficient.
  1. Flutter has a wide range of customizable widgets that allow developers to create stunning user interfaces that are responsive and look great on any device.
  1. Flutter apps are fast and perform well due to their natively compiled code.
  1. Another advantage of using Flutter is its ability to create beautiful animations and graphics. Flutter includes robust tools and libraries to quickly create animations, transitions, and custom graphics. 

Importance of choosing the right company

When choosing the right app development company for your project, it’s essential to consider their experience and expertise on Flutter. It allows you to ensure the quality and efficiency of the app you build. 

Unfortunately, not all development companies have experience working with Flutter, so choosing a company with a strong track record of delivering high-quality Flutter applications is critical. Only such developers can create an app with international standards. 

Additionally, consider the company’s portfolio, client reviews, and the team’s expertise in other technologies. Flutter is a popular technology for mobile app development due to its unique features and benefits.

Flutter App Development Companies 

1. Nintriva

Nintriva is a flutter app development company that builds quality and scalable business solutions. They boast a team of passionate and dedicated engineers, technologists, and designers, transforming businesses and improving performance. 

The company leverages the power of Flutter to develop dynamic, cross-platform mobile applications with engaging user interfaces. 

They believe Flutter’s ability to build beautiful native apps in record time and with a single codebase makes it a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses.

Nintriva is known for developing action-packed, feature-rich mobile apps that offer a native-like user experience while maintaining high performance and reliability. Nintriva’s commitment to excellence and passion for innovation sets them apart in the app development industry.

Connect with the experts in Nintriva. 

top flutter app development company

2. Cleveroad

Cleveroad is a full-cycle web and mobile application development company that offers customized software solutions to meet businesses’ unique needs.

They have a team of software engineers with proven expertise and provide flexible collaboration options, making building a dedicated development team for your project easy. 

Cleveroad services include end-to-end software development, POC/MVP development, and legacy software modernization.

One of Cleveroad’s critical areas of expertise is Flutter app development. Using Flutter, they can build high-performance, native-like mobile apps delivered on time and within your budget. 

With a focus on reducing time to market and improving the end-user experience, Cleveroad helps businesses release apps and updates faster while maintaining native-like performance.

 top flutter app development company


itCraft is an experienced Flutter app development company with over a decade of experience designing and developing custom software.

Their team of 100+ experts guides clients through the entire web app development process, from validating their vision to delivering an outstanding digital product.

Regarding Flutter app development, itCraft has a team of pros with the necessary experience to validate clients’ visions, help them meet users’ needs, and deliver game-changing digital products.

They understand that apps are made for people, by people, and cover all necessary areas to provide high-quality digital solutions that prioritize clients’ commercial goals.

top flutter app development company

4. Surf

Surf is a Flutter app development company with a track record of delivering high-quality solutions to clients. They have over 12 years of experience developing flagship mobile and web applications for B2B and B2C sectors. Global brands like KFC, Mars, Burger King, SAP, and more trust their apps. 

Surf’s partnership with Google and their in-house R&D lab gives them a headstart in Flutter app development services. 

As a result, they have released several Flutter apps worldwide, demonstrating their expertise in the field.

Surf provides a single codebase for any screen, which can save up to 40% time and budget for their clients. In addition, their experienced team guides clients through the entire process, from validating their vision to delivering an outstanding digital product.

top flutter app development company

5. Droids on Roids

Droids On Roids is a Flutter app development company utilizing Flutter technology since its inception in 2017.

With Flutter, they can create multi-platform apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux, all from a single code base, saving development time and costs.

They have a team of 20 experienced Flutter developers skilled in building native apps in a predictable, fast, and goal-oriented process.

Droids On Roids emphasizes predictable delivery and works closely with clients to identify blockers and adapt to new solutions. 

They also prioritize maximizing value and keeping within budget. With continuous automation of all repeatable processes and intelligent tools, Droids On Roids delivers high-quality products quickly.

Top flutter app development company

6. Binary Studio

Binary Studio is a Flutter app development company that helps SMBs create efficient and flexible mobile solutions in a cross-platform development environment. 

With over 18 years of experience, they focus on building long-term strategic partnerships with clients and delivering high-quality services throughout the application development lifecycle.

Their services include cross-platform application development with a single codebase, migration, and integration of third-party services, quality assurance to ensure flawless functionality across different user environments, and performance optimization for fast and responsive user engagement. 

With Binary Studio, clients can expect reliable and innovative Flutter solutions to meet their mobile app development needs.

top flutter app development company

7. EmizenTech

Emizen Tech is an e-commerce and mobile application development company that delivers efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to various industry verticals. They are also known for being one of the leading Flutter application development companies. 

Despite the advanced survival of Flutter, Emizen Tech has managed to customize its functional methods and styles to meet the specific needs of its clients. 

Their skilled and experienced team of Flutter developers can aid in sketching the quickest and most competitive solutions for cross-platform development projects, ensuring that the final product meets the specific demands of the users. 

top flutter development company

They are known for passionately developing functionally rich and alluring mobile apps, attaining their clients’ specific demands. 

With their team of adept and knowledgeable developers, they believe in providing the best-quality performance in all sorts of application development, establishing themselves as a trendsetter in Flutter app development.


Iteo is a Flutter app development company that leverages its 11 years of experience to match specific frameworks and processes with the requirements of its client’s businesses. 

They specialize in using adequate technologies to deliver solutions translated into the best results while remaining within the client’s budget.

Flutter is one of their favorite technologies, as it allows quick testing of mobile apps on multiple markets. In addition, investing in a cross-platform app is a much better choice when introducing a new service than going native. 

They use the most recommended modern tools, following hi-tech trends and ensuring product quality.

Choosing the most appreciated partners allows them to make their clients’ applications up-to-date and efficient, providing the audience with the best possible results.

top flutter app development company

9. Techahead

Techahead is a flutter app development company specializing in creating purpose-driven apps and digital products.

They have successfully delivered over 2000 apps and connected experiences since 2009, with a focus on human-centric design, secure and scalable architecture, and a commitment to providing excellent products.

 Techahead has worked with global brands such as Audi, Disney, and Starbucks and offers end-to-end Flutter app development services, including product ideation, app migration and upgradation, monitoring and support, API development, and Flutter customizations. 

top flutter app development company

Their services are designed to empower clients to dominate their market and disrupt the status quo.

10. LeanCode 

Lean Code is a highly respected Flutter app development company specializing in building mobile applications using the Flutter Framework. 

They have a strong reputation for providing streamlined development processes and delivering solutions from one codebase in record time, significantly reducing ownership costs.

LeanCode has a diverse client base, including Fortune 500 enterprises and new startups. They are famous for their rapid growth in the Deloitte Fast50 contest for CEE’s quickest-growing IT companies.

They are passionate about using cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter and believe it is the best solution for most cases. 

With their extensive experience and expertise, LeanCode provides end-to-end support for their clients, from product development to system architecture design, technology stack selection, and adjusting products to meet the changing market needs.

top flutter app development company

Comparison of Leading App Development Companies    

NameNumber of EmployeesAverage Hourly RateMin Project SizeClutch ReviewIndustry Focus
Nintriva50-249$25 – $49 / hr$10,000+5.0Information technology Business services Consumer products & servicesEducationFinancial ServicesTelecommunicationseCommerce
Cleverland50-249$25 – $49 / hr$10,000+4.9Financial services Medical
itCraft50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$25,000+5.0Medical Financial services Supply Chain, Logistics, and TransportTelecommunications
Surf50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$100,0005.0Financial services Medical Business serviceseCommerce
Droids on Roids50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$50,000+4.9Retail Consumer products & services Financial servicesInformation Technology
Binary Studio50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$25,000+4.9Medical Business services EducationReal EstateHositality & LeisureInformation Technology
Emizen Tech50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr$10,000+4.9eCommerce Automotive Information technologyHositality & Leisure
iteo50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$10,0004.8Consumer products & services eCommerce
TechAhead50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr$25,000+4.8Medical Information technology Business services
LeanCode50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr$10,0005.0
Financial services Business services Consumer products & services



Flutter is an excellent choice for mobile app development, and there are several reputable companies to consider when seeking Flutter app development services. 

Each company has unique strengths and expertise, so choosing one that aligns with your project needs and goals is essential. 

While we have highlighted several top-notch Flutter app development companies in this article, one company that stands out is Nintriva. Their expertise in developing high-quality and scalable apps using Flutter has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

As you embark on your Flutter app development journey, we hope this article has provided valuable insights and information to help you make an informed decision. 

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