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Does your game need a boost?
Developing your own mobile game can be a considerable investment of time and money. But what if we told you that it was possible to get the same results with less time and money while also getting the most benefits of having a custom-made game?
We're here to help. We provide game design services to help you create an engaging, intuitive, and stable game that will stand out in the crowd. We've worked with dozens of clients over the years and can guarantee that our team will get the job done right.

Why Trust Nintriva for Mobile Game App Development?

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

We can help. Our services include mobile game design, development, and optimization. We'll work with you from start to finish, from concept to completion.

Our team of experts will help you design a game that is engaging and easy to use. You'll have a product that will be stable and attractive enough to launch on any platform and reach the widest audience possible. We got you covered - from monetization to distribution and more.

Custom Game Development Services

We provide services for the game app's complete design, integration, and administration lifecycle. So regardless of whether it is a consumer-focused app or a game-changing enterprise-class solution, Nintriva will be with you for every step of the mobile app development process, from inspiration and concept through delivery and continuous support.

Mobile Game Types

We put a lot of effort into creating interactive games and getting them into everyone's hands. Our experience is creating excellent gaming solutions for many genres that work seamlessly across iOS & Android. So again, this is something we put a lot of effort into.

360° Mobile Game Development

At Nintriva, our talented mobile game programmers specialise in building mobile games, from developing puzzle games to battleground games. Our committed techies are available to help you from beginning to end, whether designing the game or give it a rich finish.

Mobile Game Testing

Our testing team is highly committed to ensuring quality assurance and compliance testing for iOS and Android apps. In addition, we give importance to the applications’ performance, device compatibility, gameplay, user interface, screen orientations, user experience, load testing, resolutions, social integration, etc.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design process for mobile games demands logical ideation to create the best designs to engage with the audience visually. As a leading mobile game development company, we adhere to the best UI design techniques. Our UI/UX developers frequently deal with various interfaces to create impactful UI/UX designs that suit the game genres.

Art, Design & Animation

Our fabulous art and design team creates appealing graphics, UI, and game components for 2D, isometric, and 3D mobile games. In addition, our team is proficient in creating mobile-friendly materials and well-optimised animations for performance.

AR/VR Game App Development

Deliver unparalleled experiences to your users by leveraging AR-VR game technology. Our talented team of AR/VR experts builds AR-VR-based games that offer your game a cutting-edge touch with an unparalleled user experience and a well-defined gaming experience that your players are sure to appreciate. Our AR/VR game solutions provide an incredible experience full of surprises and realistic gaming effects.

Unity Game App Development

Develop your one-of-a-kind, excellent game concept in a creative, captivating way with Unity. The Unity platform is your all-in-one solution for developing influential games with trendy visuals, innovation & animation, and automobiles in 2D, 3D, or AR/VR. So, choose Unity for fantastic game development, and hire us to cater to engage your users ' action-adventure desires!

Our Mobile Game
Development Solutions

Mobile VR/AR

Our qualified programmers use an extensive library of mobile device assets to locate and program the appropriate technologies for VR and AR solutions.

Game Design

We create social, puzzle, Role-Playing Games (RPGs), adventure, learning, sports, racing, and casino games, as well as HTML5 web-based apps for responsive design on mobile.

Game Analytics

We create and integrate custom analytics tools for mobile games with real-time market data, data capture, and data explorer features. We also research and execute monetization techniques for in-app purchases and ad networks to optimise ROI.

Game Art

Our development team provides game art solutions such as 3D assets, 2D/3D animations, visuals, characters, 2.5D isometric games, environments, levels, logic, audio, and scripts.

Nintriva's Mobile Game App Development



We begin by determining the primary participant in the game. During this step, we would evaluate why mobile consumers desire to play your app and what needs the game addresses. The inspiration for a fun mobile phone game comes from personal experience.

Our game developers understand what a mobile game requires and how to make it more enjoyable. While finalizing the design, your mobile game should include several surprise features to keep players engaged. It defines your game's worth and the appropriate mobile platform for its development.


Game Engine

Creating the next amazing mobile game requires selecting the correct game engine. We assist you in choosing the ideal system to provide users with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Our team will propose game engines with a solid software foundation and extensive development possibilities depending on your game concept.


Game Design

Your mobile game requires a design document that fully specifies every element of the game concept to be developed. In addition, the design document shows the most recent data that highlights the reality of your mobile game.

Characters, environments, items, and textures are built with the aid of the game structure and architecture. We will ensure that a solid game wireframe supports you in designing your prototype.



We create a prototype of your mobile game and test its performance. All gaming aspects are made with the desired mobile platform, and this prototype mimics significant portions of your mobile game. Following the prototype's success, we go on to actual development, where we construct every tiny feature of the mobile gaming app.


Testing & Deployment

Our mobile game testing services assist you in releasing the beta version of your mobile game on various devices. A group of ardent players tests the end-user experience of your mobile game to identify flaws.

We resolve these bugs and optimize your mobile game. Nintriva also offers gameplay support to boost user retention rates through updates.

Build Mobile App Tailored to Your Gaming Services

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How to choose a mobile game app development company?

To choose the best mobile game app development company, you need to consider various factors right from the initial stage to the deployment. Apart from considering experience and development strategy, you can consider the following factors:
• Customised client-centric approach
• Additional management and innovative services
• Expected date of the delivery of the app
• Experience in providing game development services

How much does mobile game development cost in India?

Mobile app development cost in India varies as per the requirements. To choose the ideal mobile game development partner that suits your budget, you need to consider the following factors:
• Mobile game development platform to serve your audience
• Design and character designing of the game
• Storylines and technical assistance

Does Nintriva offer customised mobile game app development services?

Yes, Nintriva offers customised mobile game app development services. Nintriva is a specialised mobile game app development company that offers tailor-made development solutions as per our client’s requirements.

Our experienced team has hands-on experience of years in implementing development solutions and leaves no rock unturned in exceeding our client’s expectations.

Why should you outsource your mobile game development services?

The gaming industry is booming like never before; therefore, if you are planning to develop mobile games, then you would need exceptional features to stand out in the crowd.

However, if you and your team do not have the required skill set, then it’s best thing to outsource your requirements.

There are various benefits of outsourcing mobile game development services:
• Access to the latest technology & resources
• It saves a lot of time
• Financial savings
• Onboard best technical assistance

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