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Developing An Interactive Learning App For A Edtech Platform

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The Client

Toffee Ride is an innovative initiative by IIT alumnus who envisaged an intelligent learning platform for primary kids. Toffee Ride has over 1100 engaging lessons and other 8000 interactive activities, solely designed for the purpose of improving the educational endeavors of the primary sector.


We collaborated with a group of IIT alumni to design an Edtech application for students between the classes for I-IV. Toffee Ride strives to instill the spirit of self-learning with fun-filled and engaging activities. As the leading flutter app development company, we became their technical partner.


Create industry-specific designs that are appealing to young children.

Implement modules and functions that contributed to the realization of the project objective.

Deploy a quality application that has fewer bugs.





Technology Stack


Angular JS



Java Springboot

Overall Development Process

After the project kickstart, we conducted brainstorming sessions with the client to identify the best strategies that could help the dev and design team meet the requirements. Our in-house designers worked collaboratively to deliver an intuitive design strategy that connected well with young children.

Since the project is an ongoing one, our dev team continually researches for additional functionalities that can enhance the user experience of the application. Consequently, the application was deployed on iOS and Android platforms.


One of the major hassles that we faced during the development of the application was flutter migration. The existing user community had to be migrated without compromising the application's stability and performance. Another major issue that our team faced was the backup issue from the flutter community.

We had to also design, build and deploy industry-specific designs and modules that captured the interests of young students.


To know the sentiments of students better, we held discussions with the founding members and curriculum designers. These end-to-end conversations with the instructors helped us understand the interfaces that will engage students better. Nintriva’s team also gained better insights into the Edtech industry through these discourses.

Our project team conducted in-depth research on the edtech niche and came up with creative ideas. Client feedback was regularly sought and implemented.

Key Features

Interactive with fun exercises

Promotes self-learning among primary kids

Specifically designed pedagogy

Fun exercises to make learning fun and entertaining

Periodic updates to improve performance and stability

End Result

While the engagement of the project is still ongoing, the client is extremely satisfied with the deliverables and Nintriva’s dedication to quality. There are ongoing plans of a huge scale-up for the application with the full focus being dedicated to transforming the application into a channel for automated learning. Since its deployment, we integrated a couple of improvements that enhanced the user experience.

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