A Famous Bank in Qatar

Developing An Administrative Module for A Bank In Qatar

Case Studies> A Famous Bank in Qatar

The Client

We collaborated with a leading bank in Qatar to develop an end-to-end administrative module that managed their core banking activities. This experience provided us with great cultural insights. The engagement with the institution was highly successful, and the client became extremely satisfied with our offering. As a result, the design and development of another module are already in the pipeline for the same client.


Qatar’s leading bank needed to develop a module for their employees to automate several administrative processes. The bank's employees primarily use this module to manage different banking activities.


To develop an administrative module that would help employees manage core banking activities

Implement the modules within the deadline to help the customer achieve the envisioned results.

Deploy a stable module with fewer bugs and strong performance.
Migrate the existing back office into cloud native application

Integrate advanced technology for harnessing the benefits of modernisation and scalability

User and Role Management for Back Office application







Technology Stack


Angular JS


Java Springboot


Project Timeline

The client's overall engagement with us lasted more than a year and a half. Our team undertook an agile methodology for developing the module and divided the total project into two-week sprints. Agile methodology helped the development team cope well with the client's requirements and complete the module within the deadline. We followed multiple release cycles in three phases.

In addition, we conducted regular sprint meetings to increase the transparency of the design and development. We also regularly sought the client's input to ensure that the module development was at par and fully met their expectations.


It was one of Nintriva's early exposure to the fintech industry. And as a result, we had to encounter several challenges that were specific to the fintech domain during the overall development process. The microservices-based development was also challenging for our dev team.

Another key challenge that our team faced was the migration of the existing system with all the integrated functionalities. The validation process of the same was also a notable hurdle.


We conducted extensive research on the fintech industry and its trending interfaces to improve the exposure of the dev team to microservices-based software development. The insights gained from this endeavour were highly beneficial for our other microservices-based projects

Key Features

Back Office Operational dashboard (Based on employee roles)

Banking Operational Management

Account Opening


Transaction Entitlement

Customer Management

360° view of Customer Info

Password management

Channel management

Employee management

Role & access management

Account management

End Result

From the project kick-off to hand-over, Nintriva and the Qatar Bank had an extraordinary rapport. We were able to deliver the project meeting all client requirements. The successful sign-off of the first module prompted Qatar Bank to trust us with another module.

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