Developing a CRM Product for a Email Listing Product Company

The Client

A powerful contact management platform like Kesher is crucial for professionals and enterprises who need to be in control of their contacts. Kesher’s cross-platform capabilities ensure that contacts are kept organized, synchronized, up to date, and safe no matter what device they are accessed from.

The numerous features of Kesher allow users to enhance their contacts with a wealth of information, making it easy to keep track of all the important people in their lives. Whether it's for business or personal use, Kesher is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to master their contacts.

We had to develop a CRM product for an Israeli client for their existing Messer Email listing tool.


Messer is an email listing tool and they needed to integrate a CRM product

The earlier version provided only the basic details to the client. However, client wanted to capture more customer details.

The CRM product wanted features which helped to add tasks, notes, meetings etc







Technology Stack


Angular JS


PHP (Yii 2 framework)


While our team encountered numerous challenges while building the CRM solution for Kesher, we ultimately succeeded in creating a product that met their needs. One of the challenges we faced was Autologin. In order to ensure that our clients could seamlessly login to their account, we had to design a custom autologin solution. This autologin feature allowed every Messer user to login to Kesher as well.

Another challenge was Webhook integration. We needed to make sure that the webhooks were properly integrated into our system so that our clients could receive real-time updates. Lastly, Sync rule was another challenge we faced. We had to make sure that the sync rules were designed correctly so that data transfer was possible through two endpoints.


Our team was able to mitigate the development challenges by working together and doing extensive research. We were able to find out what the main challenges were and address them accordingly.

Arguably, teamwork was essential in getting this done, as everyone had a different role to play. By putting our heads together, we were able to come up with a plan that worked and execute it effectively.

This resulted in a much smoother development process overall, and we're proud of what we were able to achieve.

Key Features

Those who have Messer account can login to Kesher as well using the same account

Multilingual application which catered to the interests of a global audience

The sync rules made two-way data transfer possible

End Result

The client has been extremely satisfied with the services we rendered to them. Kesher is planning for a huge scale up where it is looking to migrate from Angular JS to the latest version of Angular. Kesher has trusted Nintriva to be their reliable technical partner for this migration project

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