Yii Framework for Small Enterprises

Yii Framework Magic: Transforming SMBs’ Web Dreams into Reality

21 Feb 2024

You’ve come to the right place if you run a small business and want to shine online without spending a lot. You need an excellent web solution that catches the eye and meets your needs without breaking the bank. That’s where the Yii framework comes in, ready to assist you.

Yii is an open-source PHP framework designed to simplify web application development. It has powerful tools, excellent security, and efficient storage mechanisms. Think of Yii as the guardian your website needs. It powers you to build unique websites quickly, keep your code organized, and effortlessly integrate exciting features that users love.

But why choose Yii over others? Its speed is unmatched, and it boasts a supportive community ready to lend a hand whenever you’re stuck.

Managing costs is crucial for small businesses, and this is another area where Yii glows. It helps you create a fantastic website while keeping expenses low.

In this article, we will explore how the Yii framework can improve the online visibility of your small business. Now, let’s get started!

What is Yii Framework?

Yii is a PHP framework known for its fast performance and component-based structure, designed to create modern web applications swiftly. The term ‘Yii’ is derived from the Chinese word meaning ‘simple and evolutionary’ and can also be interpreted as the acronym ‘Yes It Is!’

Yii framework is a versatile web programming framework perfect for building various web applications with PHP. Its component-based structure and advanced caching capabilities make it ideal for creating big projects like portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce websites, RESTful web services, and more.

Partnering with a Yii framework development company in the USA can maximize the potential of Yii for such ambitious projects, ensuring high performance and scalability.

Popular websites created with Yii include Gucci Retail Academy, Skillshare, Wired.co.uk, etc.

Features of Yii

Features of Yii

1. MVC Architecture

MVC architecture serves as the foundation of Yii. It divides the application into three key components: 

  • Model (handling business logic and data)
  • View (managing the presentation layer)
  • Controller (dealing with user input and application flow). 

This architectural approach aids in structuring and managing code effectively.

For example, imagine you’re building a sandwich ordering system and want to use MVC architecture to make it easier to manage.

Model (M): This is like the kitchen in a restaurant. It’s where all the ingredients are stored and where the chef (or your code) prepares the sandwiches. In our system, the Model keeps track of things like types of bread, available toppings, and customer orders. It handles the logic of how to put together a sandwich based on the customer’s request.

View (V): This is like the menu board at a sandwich shop. It’s what the customer sees and interacts with. In our system, the View is the interface that displays options for bread, toppings, and other sandwich choices to the user. It shows the user what they can order and lets them make selections.

Controller (C): This is like the cashier or the person taking the orders. They take the customer’s request, communicate with the kitchen (Model) to prepare the sandwich, and then return the finished product to the customer. In our system, the Controller handles user input, such as when a customer selects a type of bread and toppings. It then communicates with the Model to prepare the sandwich and returns the final result to the user.

So, when customers walk into your sandwich shop (your application), they interact with the menu board (View) to choose their sandwich options. The cashier (Controller) takes their order, communicates with the kitchen (Model) to make the sandwich, and then returns the finished sandwich to the customer.

This way, by organizing your sandwich ordering system using MVC architecture, you can keep things neat and efficient, just like a well-run sandwich shop!

2. Code Generation and Gii

Yii’s code generation feature is a boon for small businesses, sparing them from starting coding projects from the ground up. 

Gii is a web-based code generator in the Yii framework that automates the creation of models, views, and controllers to speed up application development. It also saves time and effort.

3. Active Record

Yii simplifies database management through its implementation of the Active Record pattern. It enables PHP developers to interact with databases using a straightforward, intuitive, object-oriented interface. This makes database operations more simple to understand and execute. Additionally, Yii includes a database migration feature, which facilitates versioning and managing database schema changes. This feature proves particularly handy for maintaining and evolving database structures as the application progresses.

4. RESTful API Development

Yii enables developers to create RESTful APIs, making it well-suited for constructing web services. Developers can effortlessly expose their application functionalities through RESTful endpoints, simplifying integration with other applications.

5. Caching Mechanisms

Yii incorporates a versatile caching system accommodating multiple caching mechanisms, such as file- and database-based caching. This caching system enhances application performance by decreasing the necessity to regenerate data or execute resource-intensive operations.

6. Error Handling and Logging

Yii offers developers robust error handling and logging mechanisms. Developers can configure error-handling behaviors, log messages, and debug information to assist in troubleshooting and maintaining applications.

After becoming acquainted with Yii’s salient features, let us examine its benefits:

Top 5 Benefits of Yii Framework for Small Enterprises

Top 5 Benefits of Yii Framework for Small Enterprises

1. Economical Development

The primary reason small businesses remain stagnant is due to cost concerns. However, Yii offers numerous advantages in this area, particularly affordability. Being an open-source framework, Yii is available for free commercial use, eliminating the need for licensing fees. 

In addition, there is an abundance of PHP developers, which facilitates hiring affordable PHP talent to lower development expenses. Working with the best Yii framework development company ensures access to top-tier PHP developers and Yii experts, optimizing your project’s budget and outcomes.

As of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey conducted in 2020, PHP was used by approximately 25.8% of developers worldwide, showcasing its widespread adoption and the extensive availability of PHP developers. This abundance helps keep the labor costs for PHP development relatively low compared to more scarce skills.

2. Safety and Credibility

The robust security offered by Yii stands out as another key advantage. Security holds paramount importance for businesses, particularly when handling sensitive information. Unfortunately, most small businesses lack the resources and the time to implement stringent security measures.

This is where Yii becomes a valuable choice. Yii prioritizes security through features like input validation and output filtering and safeguards against prevalent web threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). 

Additionally, it provides tools for managing authentication and authorization, fostering trust among users and partners—a vital component for a small business’s reputation and success.

Furthermore, Yii simplifies form creation and validation with its comprehensive form-handling mechanism and built-in validation rules, minimizing errors and boosting the security of user data.

For example, 

Imagine you have a home mailbox designed to accept letters of a specific size only. It won’t go through if someone tries to put something that doesn’t fit, like a large package. Yii’s security features work similarly, especially when dealing with data coming into your website.

when someone fills out a form on your website (like sending a letter to your mailbox), Yii acts like the mailbox’s size limit. 

It checks the ‘size’ and ‘type’ of the information (or letter) being sent. Yii knows not to let it through if the information tries to do something it shouldn’t (like a package that is too big). This prevents insufficient information (or ‘malicious packages’) from causing harm, just like the mailbox ensures only the right-sized letters get in.

3. Sustainability and Community Support

The Yii framework comes with a lively and helpful community. This gives you the benefit of tapping into a group of skilled developers, finding quick fixes for daily problems, and getting regular updates and betterments tailored for small businesses. Such backing from the community ensures the framework keeps up with the times, lowering the chance of relying on outdated technology.

For example, 

Imagine you’re part of a neighborhood gardening club full of friendly, experienced gardeners. Whenever you face a gardening challenge, like dealing with pests or choosing the right plants for your garden’s soil, you can easily ask for advice and get many helpful tips. The club regularly shares the latest gardening techniques and tools to make gardening more accessible and productive.

This club is like the Yii framework’s community. Just as the gardening club gives you access to expert advice, easy solutions for common problems, and updates on the latest gardening trends, the Yii community offers experienced developers, solutions to coding challenges, and continuous improvements to the framework. 

This support helps ensure that your gardening—or, in Yii’s case, your software development—stays current and effective without worrying about falling behind with outdated methods or technologies.

4. Shorten Development Time

Long development times pose a major concern for small businesses, as they indirectly lead to increased human resource costs. Yii addresses this issue by prioritizing convention over configuration and utilizing code generation tools, which accelerates development. This quicker development process directly results in cost savings.

For example, imagine you’re organizing a big family dinner and you have two options for setting the table: The first option requires you to hand-pick and set each item individually, matching plates with cutlery, glasses, and napkins. This method is time-consuming because you need to make a lot of decisions and do everything step by step.

The second option is like having a pre-set dining kit for each guest. Each kit contains a matching set of a plate, cutlery, a glass, and a napkin, all ready to be placed on the table. This method is much faster because it eliminates the need to make individual choices and assemble the pieces one by one.

Yii’s approach to software development is similar to using the pre-set dining kits. By preferring standard ways of doing things (convention) and providing tools that automatically generate parts of the code (like the dining kits), Yii significantly speeds up the process of building software. This faster setup, just like preparing the dinner table more quickly, saves time and, for businesses, this time saved translates into saving money.

5. Simplified development

Small businesses often find themselves without the necessary tools for complex development tasks. However, Yii makes the development process more straightforward. Its easy learning curve and thorough documentation enable an immediate start in development, significantly reducing lead time.

Yii also simplifies testing by including Codereception, an automated testing tool. Automated testing saves time and detects errors that might escape human scrutiny.

Furthermore, Yii’s design for natural extensibility facilitates quick integration with third-party libraries and components. Its support for creating modular applications enhances code reusability and maintainability.

Therefore, small businesses need not worry about the challenges of developing complex features. Yii is inherently equipped to handle such tasks efficiently.

When should you use Yii?

Yii excels in creating small to medium-sized web applications that need MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

When should you not use Yii?

However, Yii has its drawbacks. Its main limitation is the lack of support for AR (Active Record) queries, rendering features dependent on AR that are incompatible with Yii.

Furthermore, Yii falls short in AJAX capabilities, often leading developers to turn to Javascript for those needs.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a web development method that updates parts of a web page without reloading the whole page, making websites faster and more interactive.

For example, 

Imagine opening a small café, and you have much to set up before you can welcome your first customers. You must design the menu, set up the kitchen, train your staff, and manage your supplies. Doing this from scratch can be overwhelming and time-consuming, like complex software development for small businesses.

Using Yii is like finding a fully-equipped café starter kit. This kit simplifies your job in several ways:

Easy Learning Curve (Training Staff Quickly): Just as detailed guides and video tutorials can help you quickly train your staff on how to prepare the menu items, Yii’s straightforward learning curve and comprehensive documentation allow developers to start working on projects immediately.

Automated Testing (Quality Control): Imagine a machine that automatically tastes your dishes and tells you if something’s wrong, just like Yii’s Codeception tool automatically tests your software. This ensures high quality without spending hours manually checking everything.

Extensibility (Menu Customization and Expansion): Yii’s ability to integrate third-party components easily is like using unique ingredients from various suppliers to make your café’s offerings unique. Plus, the support for modular applications means you can easily add new menu items or change recipes without disrupting the operation.

So, just as the café starter kit would streamline the process of opening your café and maintaining high standards, Yii streamlines software development, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth without getting bogged down by the complexity of the process.


As highlighted, Yii thrives and provides numerous advantages for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Yii’s commitment to the MVC architectural pattern, code generation features, and active record implementation significantly streamlined the development process. This efficiency enables businesses to launch their products or services to the market quickly.

Ultimately, Yii framework provides small businesses with a strategic advantage by perfectly balancing simplicity, performance, and cost-efficiency. 

If you’re considering using Yii to develop apps for your small business, Nintriva, the best Yii framework development company is  ready to help. We boast a team of highly skilled and experienced Yii developers who have successfully helped numerous small and mid-sized businesses build their projects from scratch. 

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