• Step 1

    We understand you better and your requirements.

    Nobody knows your business like you do. Let us know about you, tell us your operations , challenges and goals .We work with you to create your high level requirements(some thing which we call the Product backlog) and also provide you with a roadmap of how the solution will be rolled out

  • Step 2

    The technical foundations.

    Our inherently agile process do not require that we do not go for a 6 month design and architecture phase. However we do take some time , brainstorming on the best options before finalising the best appoach for your solution. We call it Sprint zero where we finalise the high level solution architecture , frameworks and allocate the best fit resources for your needs. ( OK, we accept that we are not agile purists, we care about the value to be delivered to our customer and always take it upon us that we have a disciplined and realistic agile process).

  • step 3

    The real action starts here           ( atleast the part that you get       to see)

    We get stated with Sprint 1. We identify your priorities and start working on the highest priority features first.
    No more colourful ppts or block diagrams. We start doing logical prototyping, design,coding ,review and even test the functionalities. The best part is that you get to see the results in as little as 2 weeks time( what we call a sprint in our terminology) . The idea is that we do not want you to wait forever to see your ideas being implemented. We are sure you may have valuable suggestions to add for your product feature which is better addressed sooner than later.And for a change, we welcome changes in requirements as long as you are clear on your priorities.
    We have our own ways to ensure that the priorities are not compromised using joint excercises with you such as Sprint Planning and Product backlog grooming and ofcourse the demos where you see the functionalities in action and give your comments.

  • step 4

    Repeat the cycle of Prioritization, Design,Coding ,Testing and Demos

    Repeat the cycle of Prioritisation, Design,Coding ,Testing and Demos every 2 weeks. And after a few sprints, we can even start giving incremental releases to your customers- the end users ,so that your time to market is considerably reduced and further development can be guided by what matters most- customer feedback.
    And no, we are not ignoring the sanctity of your release process, our devops practices based on CI/CD and automated test cycles make deployment, just and extension of the development process without compromising on quality or security.

  • step 5

    Ultimate Launching.

    While we do not believe succesful software products can ever have and end to the development cycle, we ensure that the project plans are stuck to in terms of planned scope and budget.
    But once all the requirements planned for are delivered(burned down - as we call it),we are game to start all over with a fresh set of requirements for you to scale up and fly high, which are sure you will need to do as the case is with all succesful products .