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What is Angular

Angular is a powerful client-side technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is an open-source web application framework supported by Google and has a large community of individual developers and companies worldwide. Angular also provides a solid foundation for the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture on the client side. It offers the necessary tools and components regularly used in sophisticated Internet applications. Furthermore, by introducing innovative HTML constructs, Angular successfully bridges the gap between the document-centric nature of HTML and the dynamic requirements of modern applications.


Why we use Angular

We are a team of technologists, engineers and artists , passionate about applying technology to create simple, scalable and secure solutions to drive the growth of our clients .We work with clients across the globe to deliver the next generation of software solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and customer happiness for their business .Our clientele includes companies , organizations and entrepreneurs ranging from startups and SMEs to MNC's across geographies and verticals.


Advantages of Angular

Simplified Development: Angular's MVC architecture, robust data binding, and dependency injection streamline application development and component management.

Comprehensive Toolset: Angular provides tools for routing, form validation, and testing, enhancing the overall development experience.

Expansive Ecosystem: It offers numerous libraries, modules, and extensions, enabling developers to enhance the framework's capabilities.

Performance Optimization: Angular emphasizes smooth, responsive operations across different devices and browsers.

Seamless Integration: Angular integrates well with existing technologies, making it flexible for various projects.

Support Single-Page Apps: Angular was designed to address the complexity of building single-page applications and make the process easier and more efficient.


Why Nintriva!

At Nintriva quality is in everything we do. Our team develop value by taking care of our clients business. We never stop working for our clients along with the true spirit of service. With Nintriva You Perform Better!

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